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The purpose of Event Security is to help ensure the peace and prosperity of the venue, the staff, and the customers.


We recognize that each venue is unique and different. Each client requires customized security needs. We provide expertise in each type of security service area, and our staff are available for full time, part-time, or emergency need coverage. Our Officers train and prepare in areas of concern to meet your security needs. Our executives and staff have over 75 years of extensive experience in securing many different types of venues, while providing the array of services listed below.


    ◦    Amphitheaters

    ◦    Arenas

    ◦    Award Banquets

    ◦    Convention Centers & Trade shows

    ◦    Festivals

    ◦    Private Parties

    ◦    Stadiums

    ◦    Universities, Colleges, and High Schools


   Event Security Service Examples

    ◦    Access Control

    ◦    Artist Escorts

    ◦    Badge Checkers & Greeters

    ◦    Entrance Security Screening

    ◦    Floor/Stage Security

    ◦    Incident Documentation

    ◦    Parking Lot & Tailgating Security

    ◦    Patron Removal

    ◦    Perimeter Security

    ◦    Response/Roam Team

    ◦    Specialized Details to meet your security needs


Crowd management is a critical consideration when planning a large-scale event. It involves assessing the type of event, the type of audience, the venue, as well as numerous other factors.  


Ineffective crowd control can, and has led to crowd surges, trampling, and panics, all of which can result in serious injury. Incidents like these are more likely if alcohol is available. 


Gold Star Security has provided Crowd Management Security for some of the largest events in the City of Tulsa for several years. This is because Gold Star Security Officers have the experience and the expertise necessary to perform the critical pre-event tasks, as well as provide the required level of security during and after the event.

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