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Access Security is controlling the main point of entry in a particular location. The purpose of Access Patrol is to help ensure the peace and well-being of the given location, and its occupants. 


Gold Star Security Officers will ensure your location is safe and secure from tresspassing individuals (those who are attempting to gain access without lawful consent). Our officers are highly trained, and certified with the State of Oklahoma, all in an effort to gaurantee your community's safety and well-being. In addition, our officers have direct contact with local law enforecement personnel, and communicate with them in order to bring a swift arrest and proper prosecution.


Gold Star Security Officers will also refuse entry for anyone who exhibits signs of severe intoxication, aggressive behavior, or non-compliance with statutory or establishment rules and regulations. As stated before, our officers are highly trained to deal with a high variation of incidents. Our officers have direct contact with local law enforecement personnel in order to better ensure the prosperity of the given location.

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