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Gold Star Security was established in 1996 in an effort to improve and enhance the professionalism of the security industry in the Oklahoma area. Gold Star is privately owned and operated by local police officers, which gives our company the expertise to function above all other security companies. Being a police-owned business for over 20 years has given Gold Star an immediate rapport with the law enforcement community that responds to our calls for assistance. 

​Our growth to becoming one of Oklahoma’s largest security patrol companies is attributed to providing our clients with a service that always exceeds their expectations. We continually adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers, encouraging constant evaluation, improvement, and innovation.​


Our leaders at Gold Star have over 75 years of combined Law Enforcement and Military experience. Their goal is to make sure your security needs are met, and to make sure you, your employees, your customers, and your assets are protected. For more information on our leadership, please contact us.


Keeping the people you serve safe, protecting your brand, and having peace of mind are all paramount when it comes to your security program. That is exactly why Gold Star Security was created. We knew that being a top security company meant providing responsive and customizable security solutions that meet, and far exceed these goals. 


Gold Star carries a $1,000,000 liability policy for our clients' protection. In addition, we include all our clients as a named insured on our liability policy. Gold Star carries an additional $50,000 cash bond on our individual employees.

Gold Star also maintains strict policies and procedures for our employees, as well as providing continuing education. this education ensures our officers are kept up to date on the latest issues of the security industry.

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